SIDS Safety Tips with Colgate

SIDS Safety Tips with Colgate

As a new mom one of the scariest things may be the thought of SIDS. I remember staring at Isabella and waking to every tiny noise to be sure she was alive and okay. I remember touching her so gently as she slept because I couldn’t tell if she was breathing or not. As she moved into her nursery I remember staring at the monitor until I fell asleep. So you can maybe sleep a little more soundly, here are some safety tips I learned from the hospital and pediatricians.

SIDS safety tips

I’d like to share a company called Colgate with you. They are a finalist for the 2016 Eco Excellence Awards for the BEST nursery mattress. If you are looking for a mattress to help your kiddo sleep safe and sound then I suggest you look into this company and their many mattress options.

Izzy trying out the mattress before we put it in the crib

We have the Retro Posh mattress. This mattress has dual firmness to meet the needs of infants and up. This mattress is also the limited edition 60th anniversary foam crib mattress. Beyond the adorable design, the biggest reason I chose this mattress the fact that a portion of the proceeds is donated to First Candle which will fund research towards the prevention of SIDS. How awesome is that?



Izzy is loving her mattress and so am I. It’s cute, helps a good cause and fits tightly into her crib. She thinks it’s pretty comfy too! I’ll just say, she’s been taking longer naps than usual and sleeping in a little longer.

Shop for your Retro Posh mattress here.

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