3 Ways To Show Your Dog Love After Baby

3 Ways To Show Your Dog Love After Baby

Once you have a baby it is so difficult to keep giving your pet the same amount of attention. You don’t try to forget about your pet, but you are busy and there are so many new tasks and activities once a baby comes home. I’m giving you 3 ways to keep showing your dog some love.

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Involve them in activities. If you are going on a family walk or stroller ride, bring the dog along too.

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Make an effort to give them attention while the baby is awake so that they don’t think they only get love when the baby isn’t around.

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Help your baby and dog build a loving bond. We have always given Izzy and Teddy opportunities to interact together and taught her how to pet the dog. As an infant we would prop her up near him so she could feel his fur. Now she likes to help us hold the leash and care for Teddy. She really enjoys giving Teddy his treats and Teddy loves his treats. This daily routine has provided them with one more positive experience together. We use H3 Essentials treats for Teddy. The treats have hip and joint care so we are able to keep him strong, healthy and happy.  They are full of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM and best of all they are made in the USA!

Teddy has had some knee issues and being he is a small dog this is common. When Teddy was a puppy he actually needed surgery on one of his knees so we try our best to keep his body strong. Check out the amazing doggy vitamins, shampoo, probiotics and more here.




The oatmeal shampoo we get him is soap free so it helps to keep his skin from drying out & it is also made in the USA! Go check out these products, it’s important to love on your pets too.

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