Birthday Box

Don’t know what to get a close girlfriend or relative for a birthday gift? Does your husband need some help or guidance on gifts? Then you need to take a look at Along Came A Box.

What is along came a box?

If you decide to get one for a girlfriend, get some other girls in on it so you can reduce the price to about $15.00  or so a person. If it’s your husband that needs a little help, tell him about it, he still gets to customize your box by choosing from items listed. This way he’s involved but doesn’t have full control.

Ready to see the box?









There was a bag to open hourly for part of the day, starting at 9:00am. Here is one of the goodies inside. Each gift comes in a bag and with a notecard that shares something about the designer or shop owner of that item. I really think this is a wonderful gift to ask for yourself or others! How beautiful is this tree branch? Pick from different necklaces when checking out!


Isn’t this jewelry bowl adorable? You can pick from numerous colors when checking out!


Want to see more of my goodies? Visit Instagram for videos and images!

Purchase or check out Along Came A Box here.

XO Eryka

I received the mentioned item in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I haven’t heard of these boxes, but they come with so many cute things! I want to check them out!

  2. I LOVE this box!! Presents every hour is what in talking about!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Exactly! Lol

  3. What neat idea! I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the next birthday!

  4. Sarah Louise says:

    This is such a cute idea! Who doesn’t like a beautiful box full of fun surprises! Sarah |

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      That’s how I feel! So much fun! Thank you

  5. birdieandjack says:

    How fun! It’s so hard to pick out gifts sometimes. This is perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      It really is difficult! Thank you

  6. Such a fun, fun idea!!!

  7. I love this!!! I would have been thrilled to get one on my birthday. So fun!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      It was amazing! I’m loving it!

  8. This is seriously one of the best things I have EVER seen!!!!! I love, love, love gifts and birthdays and all that jazz! I think it’s so fun that you have to wait until your birthday to open it, and that you get something every hour! That is fabulous! Happy belated birthday!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Thank you! It really was so fun! A great birthday gift idea for sure!

  9. Mal says:

    Well this is just about the cutest flipping thing ever!! I want one!! And I suppose through my jealousy I can say happy birthday ???

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      Haha! That’s so funny, I’m laughing so hard! You need to hint to people that you want one this year

  10. I didn’t realize how much stuff was in that box! Awesome! And such a cute idea!

    1. busylittleizzy says:

      So many fun goodies

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