Keeping A Healthy Relationship, After Baby

Keeping A Healthy Relationship, After Baby

If you think marriage is something to work at, try adding a baby to the mix. Keeping that spark alive is so important for your relationship and your child. Every child wants to see their parents in love.

finding time after baby

What can we all do to help our relationships? 

Have a date night. That doesn’t mean you have to get a sitter and go out, although I highly recommend it. Better yet, send you kid to the grandparents house for a sleepover. You can also feed your child and then once they are in bed, order take out and light some candles. Joe and I like to even sit on our front porch with some food after Izzy goes to bed and have a glass of wine. It’s nice to eat a meal and focus on each other.

Have a day date. The kid(s) are at school and you both took a half day or you got a sitter for the afternoon on the weekend. Maybe the grandparents are even willing to take your kid(s) or come over for a few hours while you and your better half run off to a movie or spa day/afternoon.

Go on a trip, alone! That’s right, no kid(s)! Family trips are fun, but let’s be honest they are also exhausting. You need alone time with your spouse. What is a better way to keep a healthy family for your child than keeping the love going strong for you and your spouse as a couple?

Joe and I will be enjoying our first baby free vacation next week and we are both giddy about it!

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It’s hard work to be a parent. It’s very difficult to keep those flames burning bright once you bring a child into your life because you become so busy and exhausted. Be sure to have a date night, go on a trip or make time for a day date.

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33 thoughts on “Keeping A Healthy Relationship, After Baby”

  • I like to make sure that we have game and movie nights together at home when the kids go to bed or a nice dinner at home since we don’t get to go out often.

  • Love it! It’s so important to make time with hubby! I know that is something we have struggled with, especially since we have no family close by. But that is NO excuse and we need to be more intentional about making time for just the two of us!

  • Ohhh – I love the bag! Perfect for a weekend getaway 🙂 We’re already planning a mini getaway for our wedding anniversary next month. As much as we don’t want to leave baby boy behind, it’ll be nice to get away for a night to ourselves! I’m huge on planning ahead or else I feel like it’ll just end up getting pushed aside for other baby related duties 🙂

  • We play a sport together like slow pitch softball on a team with family and close friends on Friday in sunday nights! It’s a great way to stay close and active at the same time! 🙂

  • Love it. It’s so important to make time for our spouses but much harder after having a baby. We don’t have family that live here so date nights are few and far between. We had our first weekend alone last month and it was awesome. I like the idea of ordering take out after the little one goes to sleep. Great blog.

  • We finally did our first trip with multiple nights away. Our “mini moon,” she’s 2.5 and it was still hard but so worth it! We have definitely neglected our date nights recently with such busy summer schedules but have decided to have an unwind night on Friday’s now. No phones or TV for a few hours after bedtime. Just us and maybe a game, or book on tape that we both love. So important to reconnect, but also relax together.

    • It’s so important to reconnect! I love it! We are going away for a few nights! I’m excited and nervous!

  • We are going through some transitions right now. My job ended due to the business closing and I have a chronic illness (Arnold-Chiari) which can make day to day life even more difficult sometimes. We send each other funny pins throughout the day and recipes that we would like to make together. We also have one night a month were we go off and do our own thing with our friends. That really helps a lot and gives us something to talk about 🙂

    • Amber I’m so sorry, I can’t even imagine. That’s great you take time monthly to getaway with friends!

  • Wonderful blog and post! We are still trying to figure it all out with a 4 month old angel baby, but we have been keeping a healthy relationship by focusing on communication and date nights galore! Luckily we have eagerly waiting grandparents constantly waiting by the phone to be asked to babysit!

    • Isn’t that the best? We are lucky to have eager grandparents as well! Thank you so much! It gets easier! I think I finally got into a swing around 6 months. But they change so much in the first year, you are constantly trying to figure out their needs.

  • Once a month we do an official date dinner by ourselves with a babysitter, but we also do a “screen free” couple of hours a night to just talk about our day! We just recently purchase the 5 love languages, and we are both reading that too 🙂

  • We always make sure to take time when the littles are in bed to visit and spend alone time just us each evening. Date nights are hard to come by but when we can go we do!! We most importantly put God first. Without him we fail. Love your blog and love seeing your sweet lil Izzy!!

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