10 Things you didn’t know before you became a mom

10 Things you didn’t know before you became a mom

Not in any particular order but I wanted to share 10 things you didn’t know before you became a new mom! If you are a mom, how many of these have you found to be true? Was there anything you would add to the list?

Izzy 15 months

  1. You never loved anyone or thing like you love your kid(s). You love your parents, your sibling(s), if you have any, your grandparents, your pet, you spouse etc. No love is like the love for your child. No can can explain this love to you either. Once you become a mom it just happens. For some it’s instant for some it grows, but either way you will be filled with a love you have never felt.

2.Grocery shopping alone is a luxury. I go to grocery store alone and it feels like a vacation, seriously. That sounds weird to say, but there is something so peaceful about shopping alone now.

  1. You wil NEVER go to the bathroom alone again. Unless the baby is sleeping.

4. Time alone with your significant other is rare and precious! It’s important to me that I get alone time with my husband whether it is a date night or a weekend away. You need that time together. It will help you grow as a couple and allow you to be better parents. What is better as a kid than seeing your parents happy and in love?

  1. It’s hard work! Every mom is a super mom. Juggling all that comes with being a mom is very difficult. Working at home or at the office or just being a stay at home mom, it’s all hard. Then laundry, grocery shopping, cooking and giving attention to your child(ren) and spouse is A LOT! I know! I was a stay at home mom when I was on maternity leave, I was a full time waking at home mom, I’m not a part time working at home mom. It doesn’t matter it’s all hard! You are all super moms for what you do.

6. You will forever cry about anything. It’s no longer pregnancy hormones… it’s mom life. I watch commercials or cute videos people share on faacebook and cry. Like a hard cry with lots of tears. It’s so messed up, but there is nothing you can do!

7. You didn’t know you could love your spouse more than you do. It’s true, you see them with your child and it’s a beautiful thing. When I see my husband holding Izzy or rushing to meet her needs before me, nothing brings me more joy.

  1. Your fur baby, is no longer your baby. You love your pet still, but they are definitely not on the same level as your new baby or babies.

  2.  You would do ANYTHING for this little human and you think about it all the time. It was worse when Izzy was an infant. I would think of scenarios such as what I would do if I fell down the stairs while holding the baby? How would I fall so she would not have even a scratch? Weird, but it happens to a lot of new moms.

  3. Nothing is better than family time. I love spending time with my parents and my husbands parents and seeing Izzy interact with them. Seeing the love in their eyes for my child fills my heart.
    Izzy and Mommy

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