Our Summer Activities

Our Summer Activities


So far this summer we have been keeping busy. It got hot so quickly here in Georgia. We hardly had a spring so we found a couple things to do so we can stay cool. I’ve listed some great activities to do with your littles this summer.


Music Class

One of the activities Izzy has started and is enjoying is music class. Izzy really loves to dance to music and she’s starting to try and sing to songs. She also finds playing instruments exciting and fun. You can find this xylophone here. If you haven’t checked out Little Cottonwood you should! They have so much more than this little instrument.

Splash Pads

Another activity Izzy has come to love it visiting the splash pads in our area. The first day she went she was pretty scared, but warmed up about 20 minutes in. The second time we went she was running in and out of the water loving life. My advise, ride it out and encourage your kids try new things. They may be overwhelmed or overstimulated at first but they will learn to regulate with your help and enjoy the new experience. On another note, if you are looking for swimwear you need to visit SwimZip. They have UV protected swimwear for the whole family. I love the swimwear because they zip. Nothing is worse than pulling a wet swimsuit over your child’s head.


The Library

We have also visited the library near by. To say she LOVES books would be an understatement. When we go to the library she is fascinated by the endless amount of books for her to pull off the shelves and read together or look through on her own. If you haven’t taken your child yet your should. Also check to see when your local library is having a story time for you and your child to attend.


Outdoor Play

Days when it isn’t too hot it’s nice to find playgrounds and public places hosting fun activities for little ones. If you find some actives outside be sure to put some shades on her. We got these sunglasses from Minishades. They are great because no only are they adorable and available in various sizes and colors, they are polarized! Cute, but what if you lose them? Well you can get a new pair for just $7.95 including shipping with the Hide ‘n Seek loss and damage warranty. 


What else has been a great outdoor find for us? Buglets! This little bracelet or anklet uses essential oils to create an all natural bug repellent. They come in a bunch of colors and designs.


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