Organic Baby Food

Organic Baby Food

As a new mommy, did you buy organic foods and then make your own baby food? As a soon to be mommy are you thinking about it? I did it and still do make applesauce in re usable pouches for Izzy. I like to really know what is in the food Izzy gets and sometimes I question foods that have a long shelf life without the fridge or freezer.

Once Upon A Farm is a great company with yummy organic food pouches sent to your door, on ice!


This food is convenient for you without the compromise of quality. It is BPA, Phalate, and PVC Free! The food is cold pressure processed. This company never uses any concentrates, processed purees, or preservatives. These are all things a mommy wants to hear!

This company uses HPP… What is HPP? High Pressure Pascalization (HPP) or “Cold-Pressure” is the process that makes fresh food products, such as juice and baby food, by preserving them with extremely high pressure as opposed to heat. Why does this matter?  It leads to elimination of any potential harmful bacteria! This also allows for the food to  maintain a higher yield of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, along with preserving a fresher taste than thermal pasteurization.


Izzy has been enjoying her packets and the ChooMe covers we use to keep her packets from spilling out when she squeezes.

What are Izzy’s favorites? She loves all she has tried but her favorites are Green Kale and Apples, Mama Beat Blueberry and Just Right Porridge.

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