Izzy’s 15 Month Update

Izzy’s 15 Month Update

As of June 2nd Izzy turned 15 months and is the busiest baby I know her age. Hence her nickname busy little Izzy. She has been walking since she was 8 months. Now she’s running, and very well! She’s such as wild baby climbing furniture, the stairs …pretty much anything to give me a heart attack.


How cute are these Milestone Cards? She’s 


I’m pretty excited about the curls that have decided to show up! EEKKKK!

She’s a strong willed child, which I read is a good thing. Right now there are moments I’m not so sure. My child knows what she wants and when she wants it and she’s at an age where it’s not easy for me to sit her down and explain why she can’t have something she wants at that moment. For example she didn’t want to hold my hand walking in the parking lot and started crying and putting on the breaks. I told her, “Izzy in a parking lot you hold mommy’s hand.” I know she understands a lot more than I might think at this age so I always talk to her and explain things, even if she might not be taking everything in.

Izzy has a lot of words that I do and don’t understand. She also makes animal sounds for a snake, cow, elephant, cat and bunny. Izzy can communicate with her words and through sign. She can sign more and all done. She doesn’t just sign all done when eating, if she is all done playing with a toy or is all done with being downstairs and wants to go up she also signs to me. Same for more, she will sign this if she wants to do something again or wants you to give back something she had.

Izzy has 8 teeth right now and has been teething I feel like her whole life. She started getting teeth really early. She still needs a teether to work on those molars. Right now we are really loving the MAM teethers. They have so many that all focus on different things. For example the bite and brush teether compliments daily oral care by gently cleaning teeth as they chew, Medical professionals and developmental psychologists developed the MAM teether. Izzy loves having a variety. Visit MAM to check out some for your baby.



Izzy’s stats place her in the 30th percentile. She’s my little peanut, although she loves to eat. I think it’s because she is so active.

Izzy loves to read books on her own, have books read to her, dance, play, climb the stairs and kick balls. She also loves tub time, sitting in her pottery barn chair, pretending to cook in her kitchen, jewelry and all things that sparkle and eating. Her favorite foods are sweet potato, olives (black, green, kalamata…weird I know), black beans, apple sauce, blueberries, strawberries and anything that’s a carb such as donuts & granola bars.


Shout out to one of our FAVORITE book companies! BabyLit Books! If you haven’t heard of this company I highly suggest you check them out! Izzy has loved their books he whole life, her first was Pride and Prejudice. The images are fun and almost all of their books are introductions to classic literature.


If you are looking for fun ways to track what your little one is doing you should check out Milestone™ cards. They make sets of photo cards to capture and remember special moments. I am enjoying pulling out Izzy’s Milestone Original Toddler cards.


My DIY for Izzy’s bedroom! Sharing all of her accomplishments!


This wild, smart, silly, dancing machine tests me daily but also brings me so much joy. I love the little person she is turning into and I’m excited for all her future has to bring.

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