Gross Motor in the Summer

Gross Motor in the Summer

When summer comes we spend a lot of time outside and this means a chance for so much gross motor development. Gross motor development is very important and involves large motions or movements with muscles in thee torso, arms and legs and feet. Some examples are jumping, rolling over or sitting up. When outside this summer your child can practice walking on the soft grass. They can even learn to swim in the pool by using the movements of kicking their legs and moving their arms. Izzy’s favorite is climbing in and out of her mini pool. That takes a lot of effort for her little body, but she does it.

I want to share with you a shoe company I really can’t get enough of and think you really need to know about. No seriously, you need to get a pair for you kid(s). Pediped & I are giving one lucky winner a pair of shoes! Go to our Instagram for GIVEAWAY details. 


How cute are these sandals? Find her sandals HERE!

When working on gross motor skills such as walking, skipping, jumping or running your child needs to have something supportive on their feet when outside. Pediped® is a brand that you can count on to support all shoe needs.  They are debuting over 70 fresh new styles for spring/summer 2016. This collection is from the award winning children’s footwear brand and is highlighted by its fashion sandals featuring Memory Foam Technology™ and its aquatic water-safe, rugged, machine-washable Adventure Line.

What I love about this company is whether a child is crawling, learning to walk, or running around, Pediped® has a stylish shoe, you know we love style,  that fits comfortably and ensures healthy foot development. There are three footwear lines featured in the pediped® footwear system that are specially designed to meet the needs of a particular walking stage. That’s good news for your little one and their gross motor development. 


The three lines from Pediped® are the Originals®Grip ‘n’ Go™ and Flex®.

  • The Originals® shoes are recommended by pediatricians and podiatrists. Why? Because the design closely mimics barefoot walking, and does not force a child to change their natural stride. Each style is lined with a slip-resistant leather sole and includes pediped® patented signature hand-stitching, allowing for a breathable shoe.
  • Grip ‘n’ Go™ styles are amazing and provide a smooth transition for a child learning to walk with a more confident stride. They are the second step in the pediped® footwear system and these shoes include G2 Technology™. This includes a specialized soft rubber sole for additional cushion, rounded edges that mimic the natural shape of a foot to help with stability. This is also a grip zone for additional traction, and a soft toe box that allows toes to curl and grip the floor. For grip ‘n’ go shoes there are varied styles that come with additional features such as Memory Foam Technology™, and machine-washable capabilities.
  • Flex® is the third step in the pediped® footwear system. This shoe style is great for all who have a developed a solid, natural stride. Flex® has a combination of high quality materials and advanced technology creating the perfect, and stylish, all-day comfortable wear. Most of these styles include the Flex Fit System™, which offers a customizable fit with the use of additional insoles.. this extends the life of a pair of shoes up to two months! Pretty awesome! To top it off, a cushioned arch support and flexible rubber soles make them extra comfy and encourage ongoing healthy foot development… BOOM!

These shoes are not only great for feet, they are ADORABLE! 


Find Izzy’s adorable sneakers HERE! 



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