Beauty Fun For Your Little One

Beauty Fun For Your Little One

Izzy loves to watch me get ready. She’s always pointing at my makeup and wants to hold the brush and give it a try. I decided in order to give her a little fun pretend play and me some extra time to get ready I would make her some pretend make up. I have directions below on how to create some pretend make up for your little one as well as I’m giving you a review on a fun new product called Kid Licks.


DIY Pretend Make up

I’m not sure how your get ready but Izzy watches me the whole time! I bring toys into the bathroom, which live in my closet, to entertain her while I shower and get dressed. These toys only keep her attention for so long, then she wants to do what mommy is doing. So I’m sharing with you my DIY makeup. If you have a little boy, get creative. You can find a pretend shaving kit. Here is a cute one: Pretend Play Shaving Kit

Okay Makeup Time! Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Find an empty eye shadow, powered blush, really anything you can find.
  • Step 2: Grab some nail polish and dump a couple colors in and let it swirl around. Let it fully dry.
  • Step 3: Once dry, drip large amounts of mod podge into the container to cover the polish, spread it even. I prefer the waterproof mod podge. Let this fully dry (it may need 24 hours if you add a large glob).
  • Step 4: Now grab a fresh brush and it’s play time. Be sure to model that you dab and then touch your face with the brush.


Now I feel like Izzy needs this for her room so she can sit and put on her make up: Child Vanity  What do you think?

Kid Licks

Ready for this? It’s edible and organic nail polish! Yes you heard me right!

I found this company on Instagram and I’m pretty excited about it. You can wash it off with water so no nail polish remover needed!  The nail polish is made with organic fruits, veggies and plants.

You can visit the Kid Licks webpage here.


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