Surviving the Grocery Store

Surviving the Grocery Store

Have you been to the grocery store with your little babe? If you are a new mom, maybe you haven’t been yet.. or maybe you have but your baby sleeps in your sling or carrier. If you have been already and your baby isn’t a sleepy newborn then you know it’s not an easy event. So I’m sharing my tips with you on how I survive the grocery store and get all of my shopping done with ease.

  • Status Quo: Have you heard of it? My husband and I always say it to each other. If Izzy is happy we don’t give her anything that might change the current status of her behavior. So do not offer any of these items until you need, about 5-10 minutes in Izzy get’s fidgety and I’m sharing how I keep her content in the cart.
  • Snack Time: Pull out those snacks! I keep Izzy’s in her NubyTM Designer Series Snack Keeper. We have tried a few and this top is the softest! The lid is perfect for tiny hands and keeps snacks inside the container. This design is great for a mess free snacking session with fewer spills and less waste. They come in so many fun colors & prints. Best of all they are BPA free! These will be available mid June at Babies R’ Us and Amazon so be on the look out!
  • With Snack Comes The Thirst: If you get thirsty when you eat your babe probably does too! I LOVE the Nuby Busy Sipper, 2 Stage Cup. It’s perfect because it has a growing option for the cover. We use the no spill spout right now. The free flow pop up sipper will be great later on. The hygienic travel cover makes the cup easy to throw in the diaper bag and not worry about the spout getting dirty. You can already find this cup on Amazon or at Walmart. 
    • If your babe is like Izzy they love to throw things when finished or upset, so that’s where the NubyTM KeepeezTM come into play. This double harness prevents cups from dropping on the floor or ground.


  • Bring On The Electronics: When she’s finished her snack or it’s just not keeping her content anymore I pull out the phone with a favorite app or music to keep her content or bopping until we finish up. We don’t always need this but it’s a great back up. Call the mom police! ha!


Ready, set… go shopping with your little(s)!

Details on Izzy’s outfit: Shoes: Linge shoes & Top: Baby Gap 

XO Eryka

I received the mentioned items in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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