10 Reasons I Love Being A Mom

10 Reasons I Love Being A Mom

Being a mom isn’t always easy is often difficult. The biggest reasons are kids test their moms constantly and your child is constantly changing. You think you have the routine down and then boom they HATE that favorite food, they don’t sleep through the night anymore or they now fight brushing their teeth. But being a mom is also so beautiful and special.



I got this gorgeous necklace from Call me Mama Designs. Her necklaces remind me of all the wonderful reasons I love being a mom and really reflect one word Family. Pick a silver or gold colored nest and then choose from different colored beads for the eggs. I chose to go more simple with three white eggs representing my little family of three. If you have more than one child you could chose a different color egg for each child. They are very customizable and that’s what I love. *You can create a necklace on Etsy here: Call me Mama Designs


  • Here are 10 things I love about being a mom:
  1. The Snuggles: No one holds you tighter or like they need me more. That feels amazing! The infant snuggles are amazing, but once Izzy got older and she started holding you tight, oh man!
  2. The looks of love: The way your child looks at your signifiant other… seriously I could cry thinking about Izzy and her Daddy. They are so sweet together and there is clearly a bond between them that is unique to mine with Izzy.
  3. Teaching your child something new: Not many things are better in life than when you teach your child something new. When Izzy finally started signing more I was ecstatic and she was too because she could communicate with me.
  4. That brings me to Your child’s FIRSTS!: The first time they roll, crawl, walk, or say “Mama”, really nothing is better than watching your child grow.
  5. Grandparent Love: Seeing your parents and in laws enjoying and loving your child is a beautiful thing. It’s amazing how grandparents find their grandchildren to be the most special little people.
  6. Playing dress up: I have a living doll that LOVES to shop and requests a necklace every day. I really enjoy dressing Izzy every day… If you couldn’t tell.
  7. Play Dates: It’s so fun to hang out with your friends, especially when it’s a play date. I love watching Izzy engage with other children and if feels special to see your tribe of mommy friends loving on your baby too.
  8. Keeping you on your toes: Izzy definitely keeps me thinking about what we can do that’s new to stimulate her learning or keep her attention. She thrives off of routine but loves to try new activities.
  9. Special Moments: Nothing beats those special moments especially the ones you caught on camera or film. The first time your baby took steps, crawled, rolled, laughed or said your name, “mama.” For me I’m so thankful I have some personal and professional photos of Izzy and I while she nursed. That will be a short part of her life but one of the most difficult and beautiful  moments her and I shared.
  10. That feeling of fulfillment: Even if you have days you felt you just barely survived as a mom, don’t you feel so accomplished? I do. It’s hard work taking care of your baby all week or after work or on the weekends, whenever it is you get to see your child/children. You survived another day of motherhood and that makes you a rock star!

Giveaway details for a necklace from Call me Mama Designs can be found on Instagram. Look for the photo of just me wearing my beautiful necklace. Comment below with your favorite design from the shop or what you would chose for an extra entry.


XO Eryka

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