Making Play Meaningful

Making Play Meaningful

When you play with your babe one thing to question is, “Am I making this meaningful play?” One way to make play meaningful is to associate it with something that happens/happened recently.

An example of this would be, you went to the zoo and then that week you play Zoo at the house with stuffed animals and pretend to feed and care for them. Depending on your child’s age maybe you even create animal masks as a fun craft.

I want to share an example of how Izzy and I had meaningful play today.

Every morning Izzy watches me make her scrambled eggs. She sits on my hip as I one handed crack and egg and scramble it. She points to the pan and tells me “that” her way of letting me know each next step.  We got some adorable Farm Fresh Felt Eggs for Izzy to re create how we make her breakfast every morning in her own kitchen. Farm Fresh Felt Toys are so adorable and perfect for pretend play. In her egg set each egg opens and out pops a felt egg! How cute is this?


We talked about getting the egg out of the carton like I do in the morning. Next we dropped the egg into the pan for Izzy to cook. She was so excited to actually be able to open the carton and crack the eggs on her own.


You really should visit Farm Fresh Felt Toys for all the goodies they have. They have a fireplace, cupcakes, s’mores, sugar cookies… the list goes on!

Looking for MORE educational and play ideas? I have years of our fun listed here.

XO Eryka

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