Oh boy, and girl tantrums

Oh boy, and girl tantrums

Tantrums… your baby, toddler or child hasn’t had one yet? THEY WILL!

I give you 3 tips to help you survive and overcome tantrums.

1.Give your toddler/child choices. Yes YOU are going to give them 2 or 3 choices. First be sure you are okay with any choice. For example you could say, “It’s time to go. Do you want  to walk to the car? Do you want me to carry you to the car or do you want to hop like a bunny to the car?” Either way they are getting to the car, win! This empowers your toddler/child because they get to choose.

2.Make statements. NEVER ask your toddler/child if they want to do something unless you are okay with the yes/no answer. Typically I hear parents say, “Are you ready to leave now?” The child says, “No.” Then the parent says, “Well we are leaving, let’s go.” The child is distressed now. You just asked them, they gave you an answer and you are discrediting their feelings/decision. Don’t ask if unless you are okay with whatever their answer could be. Make statements such as, “We are putting on our shoes now, it’s time to go.”

3.Give your toddler/child a warning. Continuing with the example above you would say, “In five minutes we are putting on our shoes.” After 5 minutes you will follow up with your statement, “We are putting on our shoes now, it’s time to go.” Your toddler/child is now aware that leaving is coming soon and they have some time to mentally prepare.

Have any tips you would like to share with me for others to read? Post below I’d love to hear what has worked for you. It’s always wonderful to share information/tips between parents.

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