5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Baby/Toddler Occupied

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Baby/Toddler Occupied

You all know I have a busy baby, hence her nickname Busy Izzy…

Did you also know I worked from home full time her whole life until the end of March? Yes I’m finally part time working from home and I’m beyond excited.

So how do you keep a baby busy so you can get things done? I’m going to give you my top 5 tips that worked during meetings, cooking dinner, washing dishes etc.

1.Only put 2-3 toys out at a time. Everyone gets overwhelmed and sometimes less is more. Your baby/toddler will be more engaged if there are fewer items out to entertain them. Not to mention then you can put those 2-3 away when they are no longer interested and pull out the others (if your baby is like Izzy you just bought yourself another 5+ minutes).

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2.The cupboards are your friends! Have a designated cupboard that your child knows they are aloud to open and go in. Urge and encourage them to open and play in that specific place when you are in the kitchen. I have plastic containers and measuring cups in there. You want items that you find safe and I know that is different for every mom. This is always a fun activity for Izzy and I can keep a close eye on her while I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen.


3.Pull out the electronics, yes I said it! Call the mom police! But seriously, it’s okay to use a little technology to keep your baby occupied while your hands are covered in raw chicken or you are in a meeting for work. The iPad and iPhone both have guided access which allow you the ability to keep you child in a certain app or watching a certain show or movie. It’s pretty awesome!


4.Change of scenery is key! When your baby starts to become bored it might be time for a new place in the home. Go to a new space with new toys and bring your laundry there to fold or your computer to work. I jump from the living room with toys, to kitchen cupboards to her bedroom or her playroom. I have even taken Izzy outside with her water table so I could get some work done.


  1. Simplest one…snacks! I can prep a snack such as cutting up fruit and have it ready to take out of the fridge at any minute. If you are in a bind grab some puffs and throw them in a bowl. We love the EZPZ mats because they stick to the table! I plop her in her seat with a snack and drink and I can on and off chat with her as I get some work or cleaning done. If needed do a mixture of technology and snack. Hey, sometimes it’s survival mode …right?


I hope you found these tips helpful but I’m eager to hear from you. What things do you do to occupy your baby?

XO Eryka

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