Super Mom/Nana

Super Mom/Nana

When I decided it was time to have a baby, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I also thought, if my mom did it, I can too. She was a young mom in her early 20’s. I even remember when she went to college while my sister and I were little kids. I never remember thinking, “where is my mom?” She was ALWAYS around. I always had great meals and Santa brought the doll/toy I had been wanting. Not to mention my birthdays were always above and beyond!


baby Eryka (me) on the left and toddler Kylie (my sister) on the right

How did my mom do it all? How did she go to college and get all As, maybe one B while raising two little girls, cooking dinner, doing laundry and being a wife? My mom is a SUPER MOM and a SUPER NANA. I am more than lucky to have her in mine and Isabella’s life. I don’t think I would have survived the first month first year of motherhood without her.

Nana and Izzy & Mommy, Nana & Izzy (1 week old)

So here I am with one child did I mention I also work full time and I have days I feel I’m completely downing? Why is my mom a super Mom and now a super Nana and I’m not a super mom? Why can’t I be a super mom too?


Nana loving on all of her grandbabies

The reality is YOU ARE A SUPER MOM! You are doing the best you can and know how. Maybe in order to do so you need a glass of wine or two at the end of the night. It’s okay to take the edge off your long day of keeping a little person alive. You call your mom or mom friends to vent about mommyhood. Maybe your mom even takes your babe for a sleepover so you can focus on you and your husband for just 24 hours. Or is this just my mom? Did I mention yet how much my mom rocks as a Nana? Okay, she’s a rockstar Nana!

Izzy & I at her 6 month photoshoot

I’m a great mom! I get Izzy dressed EVERY morning. I cook and serve her fresh foods every day… with the occasional puffs in a bind. I put a lot of tears and effort into nursing my child who is now about to turn 12 months old. Our first goal was 3 months, then 6 months, then a year. My mom told me she doesn’t think she could have or would have nursed as long as me. GO ME! I work full time while also being a mommy to my beautiful and busy princess Izzy. Hello to my WAHMs (working at home moms). My mom was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom for the first 2 years of my sisters life and the first year of my life.

So you see every mom has their struggles and they may not be the same as yours, but I’m sure they are just as hard for that mom. You got this super mom! Feed those babes, love on them, change those diapers and keep the tantrums at bay!


You are a great mom!

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