Planning A Cake Smash

Planning A Cake Smash

Izzy is turning 1 on March 2nd so the countdown to her first birthday begins! We planned a cake smash ahead of time so that we could get her pictures on the invite to her party. Here’s what you need to think about when planning a cake smash.

  1. How quickly do you want to send the invites? Do you want these photos on the invite?
  • We wanted to send out the invites around a month out and we wanted the photos for the invite. Because of this we planned according with the photo shoot. We picked a date where the photographer could get the photos to me with enough time that I could create an invite, get it shipped to me and then mail them out. We used Shutterfly to create our invites.


  1. The Photographer
  • Not all photographers are created equal. Look for a photographer that you enjoy other photos you have seen of his/hers and make sure you get quotes on price and how many photos you will get for that price. Every photographer has their busy times of the year so reach out at least 3 months ahead to get something planned, just in case. Make sure you ask them how long it will take for the photos to get to you as well.
  1. What is the theme and color scheme?
  • We chose pink and gold & stuck with the princess theme, which was also the same theme and color scheme I used for my baby shower. Start planning, crafting or ordering all of your goodies and try to get things you can use again at the party.


  1. Cakes??? What flavor or decor?
  • Our cake baker used products that wear easier to digest so Izzy would be less likely to get a tummy ache depending how much she decided to eat. We found images of cakes we liked and sent our favorite to the baker. Izzy ended up being pretty polite and hardly ate the cake. She took little pinches of icing and cake. This is not how she normally eats so I was shocked! If you live local you can reach out to Addicted To The Kitchen (our cake baker) and she might be able to bake a cake for you too. Either way you should check out her blog for some fun and easy recipes.


Here are the details on Izzy’s outfit:

Crown: You can find this crown and many others at YourFairytaleDreams. You can also find them on Instagram:FairytaleDreams

Tutu: You can this tutu in a couple other colors at Sweet Emerson’s Closet

Diaper Cover: We found this Ruffle Butts cover at BuyBuyBaby (click for the direct link to the cover). Keep in mind these run big so you may want to try them on in store.

Cake topper and iron on “One” for the bib: MommyGotTalent is the shop on EtsyI bought a bib from Hobby Lobby ironed on the “One” with the directions from the shop and hot glued the pink tulle to the edge of the bib. The cake topper has toothpicks that easily slide into the cake.

XO Eryka

I received some of the mentioned items in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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