When nursing comes to an end

When nursing comes to an end

Caution nursing photos: If you are uncomfortable please do not continue to scroll down

I set a goal for myself, 3 months, then 6, then 12… and I’m just about to 12. It was a hard road for me and you know that if you read my post called Nursing the struggle is real.

During those times when it was painful or when I selfishly wanted to just wear a shirt that wasn’t easy access to my boobs, I would think to myself get to 12 months. Izzy is officially 11 months old and we are slowly introducing milk so by the time she’s one I will be FREE! Yes you read that right, free. There is something freeing about having your body back and not being in charge of making enough milk to feed your child. Pumping wasn’t easy but I needed to for days I was away for work or my mom offered to take Izzy for a sleepover. I work from home, but if I didn’t I most definitely would have had to supplement. The pump and I are not friends.

Nursing is also beautiful and wonderful. I cooked that little nugget in my belly and then I fed her with MY milk! That truly is amazing and I’m so thankful I had the support of a lactation group, family members and my personal drive to get here.

I love looking down at my baby and seeing her smiling face. She now will giggle at me while nursing and it’s so sweet and special the bond we share and I feel I can attribute that to our nursing sessions. I feel so torn, I want to cry because it is coming to an end, but I also want to yell with excitement.

This is Izzy’s first time nursing and her last month nursing. I cried when my photographer friend Randi sent me our 11 month nursing photos.

I can tell you, my body is ready. I have had no pain or discomfort and I dropped two nursings in a day per week. Everyone said, get out the cabbage and just wait it hurts so much. I kind of had a feeling it just wouldn’t for me, we struggled all along to have enough and I’m just so proud we made it.

Check out Izzy rocking her new “Stop, wait a minute” top from Moots Clothing. It’s perfect for our new found love Fair Life Milk. For the top, Izzy typically wears 6-12 months since she is in the 45% for height and weight. However we got 12-18 months in this top and it fits well with room to grow. If you are an exhausted Mama and LOVE coffee they have a cute top like this for YOU insert coffee where it states milk.

What was the hardest part for you when weaning your little one?

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4 thoughts on “When nursing comes to an end”

  • Aww ending nursing is so emotional! I too had no pain/engorgement when we cut back although I did it super slowly. And yes I totally get the mixed emotions – excited to not have to deal with the hassle and sad that your baby isn’t going to need you in that way (but they still needy in plenty of other ways)! And I LOVE that shirt!!

  • You rock breastfeeding for that long! I made it 9 months cause pumping at work killed my supply because there was so many times I didn’t have time to pump.

    About 2 months after stopping, i finally felt I had my hormones in control and like myself! I did/do miss those intimate times with her on my chest, but there are so many more memorable times together as she gets older that fill that feeling.

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