Baby Shoes Fanatics

Baby Shoes Fanatics

I’m kind of a shoe fanatic and shocker.. now Izzy has become one also! She LOVES to carry her shoes around the house and pull them all out of her closet. Izzy’s first pair of shoes were Freshly Picked Moccs which are super cute! They were the first moccs I saw to make teeny tiny “crib moccs”.

I wanted to share a few affordable shoe brands we have and love! I’ll be posting each shoe brand separately to keep you on your toes. hehe

Today I want to share SheSheMarie Baby and Big Kid. This shop makes ADORABLE shoes! They are so soft and stay on Isabella’s feet so well. You can customize your booties because she has so many fabric choices from faux suede to fuex leather. The booties go on easy as one, two, three!

1. Un velcro the bootie

2. Slip the foot in

3. Velcro and fold down!

EASY PEASY and they will not fall off! I have also tried and successfully slipped her foot in the bootie as well if you don’t want to un velcro it. BEST OF ALL, they are machine washable!!! That’s right mamas!!!



This shop also makes adorable bows (on one size fits all bands) to match your booties!

There are plenty of shoes for boys and girls! Check out these other adorable styles! Wear them as shoes or fashionable slippers, they are so soft and comfortable for your little.

Support small business and shop small buy purchasing a pair of booties for your baby, a friends baby, your sister’s baby, your grand baby… go get a pair! Purchase Here!



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