Sleep over with Nana

Sleep over with Nana

Every mom needs a break. I love my baby girl and the second I hand her over to my mom I feel a sense of relief and panic. I’m relieved because I’m free to be an adult and give my husband some quality attention. I panic because I hate to be away from Izzy. I really don’t trust anyone more with my child than my mother. She has been around Izzy since Izzy came into the world. My mom was holding one leg and my husband was on the other as I pushed her out and then pulled her out. My husband even asked my mother cut Izzy’s cord and of course she did. So Izzy and my mother (her Nana) have a special bond. Anyone who see’s these two can tell Nana is her second mommy.

She even came back with some super cute Frye boots. These boots are as easy to put on and for her to walk in as they are ADORABLE! They easily velcro on and off in the back and have a soft rubber sole.


Here are some items you need for a sleep over with Nana (or Grandpa, or Grammy or Auntie… you get it).

You will need a set of bags, a diaper bag, duffle and lunch bag. We have Ju Ju Be and I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful husband that bought the matching duffle and lunch bag I requested, with his amazon points (that’s a good man). I’m obsessed with the Ju Ju Be B.F.F. The Duchess. This diaper bag is easy to wear with adjustable straps and has so many little compartments to organize your baby’s needs. It also comes with a memory foam changing pad to insure your little one feels comfortable while getting diaper changes. Important because I’m sure you have found out…baby’s poop and pee a lot! The bottom of the bag is structured with little gold feet so it’s never just sitting on the floor. I love the backpack style because then you are hands free and have space on your body for the duffle! The lunch bag or fuel cell is great because it has a hook on the handle so I either hook it to the duffle or diaper bag when we are going places. The Agion® treatment, in all bags, protects the liner by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew! Good stuff because sometimes laundry can pile up and we forget to wash our diaper bag, duffle or lunch bag. #momlife

When you want to clean your JuJube set all of these products are machine washable. Then set or hang them to air dry… easy peasy for a busy mom!

Alright go get packed up and find a friend or family member you trust to give yourself or you and your signifiant other some time alone, it is so important for you/your marriage.

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