Top 5 baby self feeding must haves

Top 5 baby self feeding must haves

Happy New Year… now go buy these items.. & you’re welcome! 🙂

1. Squooshi packets! Full review here: //

These reusable packets are amazing! They are easy to wash, you can even put them in the dishwasher. Buy or make baby food and allow your baby to self feed! Freeze the packets of homemade food and let them slowly thaw in the fridge over night for the next day or in a bowl of warm water. Sometimes we will even put one in her diaper bag and let it thaw so she has a healthy snack while we are out and about.

You can purchase them at:

2. EZ PZ bowls & plates

I’m so obsessed with these that almost all of my friends have gone out to by them, because they see how awesome they are! I can’t help but promote items that make being a mommy  and self feeding easier. You child can not get them off the table, promise! They are also easy to clean, you can even put them in the dishwasher if you would like. 🙂 They have so many different colors, sizes and designs. We have 3 so far and our collection is growing.

This code will give you 10% off: HK7WNL7

Enter the webpage to order:

3. Inglesina chair

My life changed when we got all of these items, but this chair is amazing! We did some serious research and this seemed to be the best and the safest! We can easily clean up under her chair if needed, we can bring this to friends houses or restaurants and use it on most tables. You turn two nobs on the chair to tighten or loosen the chair to the table. Izzy was starting to kick herself away from the table in a booster or in her highchair. That behavior is no more every since we got this!

We found this chair on amazon, there were so many color choices!

4. Kiddologic bibs

This bib is comfortable, covers Izzy’s clothes, so they don’t get ruined and comes in 3 fun colors (pink, green and blue). You can throw this bib in the washer and dryer.. so that totally makes it easy to clean. 🙂 We have other bibs at home that are great but you have to remember to not throw them in the dryer since they have plastic on them. The problem is Isabella does not look as comfortable in them. The neck and arm holes stretch very well on the kiddologic bibs so it’s easy and gentle on Izzy while I get her in it.

Find these bibs here:

5. Cup Catcher

Izzy was throwing her cup every meal or snack! She would take a sip and then throw the cup off the table. It drove me crazy, especially in restaurants! We have one cup catcher on her chair at home and one in her lunch box for anywhere. I seriously can’t live without this thing now that I have it! You need one too!

Purchase your cup catcher here:


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