Squooshi a must have item

Squooshi a must have item

Squooshi? What is a Squooshi? It’s only one of my favorite baby items!

When Isabella was about 4 months old we introduced one food, applesauce. I know many people say 4 months is too early, but I felt a tiny taste once a day was not going to be harmful to her so that is the choice we made. This article is not meant to start the baby food debate so let’s keep it positive.

Back to the Squooshi, it’s a reusable pouch for blended or mushy foods. We used it for baby food and applesauce. Homemade or store bought, either way it makes independent home and on the go feeding easy! I know you are all thinking…are they easy to clean? Yes, they are easy to clean! I have tried a couple brands and these are the easiest to clean. I rinse and then soak them in hot soapy water but you can put them in the dishwasher too. Best of all you can freeze them! I made all my own baby food so we got a lot of use out of these pouches and still do. We made plain ones and as we added new foods we would make blends. The older Izzy got, the easier it was for her to hold the pouch and feed herself. Depending on the consistency of the food it can come out faster and if your baby likes to throw when you baby throws it, there can be splatter (like with any pouch).

What do I do about the splatter or how do I slow down my baby’s intake? Well that’s when you buy the Squooshi’s best friend ChooMee. They come in so many fun colors and are great for your teething babe to chew on as well. It has a tiny slit in the end so they can only get food out when they push their lips against it and suck. This means if they throw it on the floor, no mess!

Applesauce continues to be one of Izzy’s favorites and since she loves independence, the Squooshi reusable pouch allows her to eat independently. We just bring a frozen pouch on the go and it thaws out in her lunch bag for a yummy snack.

I highly recommend this product! You can find it on Instagram: @Squooshi and online: www.squooshi.com

The ChooMee is on Instagram: @ChooMeeInc and online: www.choomee.com

XO Eryka

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