Need to know brands and sizing

Need to know brands and sizing

When we went to the Dr. and she said, “it’s a girl” I immediately went shopping with my mom for all things pink, frills and tutus. What I didn’t realize is, all brand sizes are not equal! Don’t go crazy until you know your babies body type. Nothing is worse than buying something cute that doesn’t fit, right?

What brands are we comparing sizes of today?:

  • Janie and Jack
  • Oshkosh
  • Carters
  • Gap

Have a skinny baby? I do, she hardly got rolls on her inner thighs… I was waiting for that perfect baby chub, but it never came and now she’s walking so I think we missed the train. 

Janie and Jack fit more narrow but they also run small in length so size up! Izzy wore newborn in all brands for the first 6+ weeks and she was 7lbs 10oz at birth (an average size baby). The Janie and Jack only lasted a couple weeks before the sleeves were too short and the buttons wouldn’t snap. By 8 months she was wearing 9 month clothing (with room to grow). So at Janie and Jack we got her 6-12 months instead of 6-9 or 3-6 like she was wearing in other brands.

Version 2Photo on the right: Izzy is wearing a Janie and Jack top with Sweet n Swag moccs and a spera creations headband. bow:unknown (5 Months Old)



Photo on the left: Izzy is wearing a Janie and Jack newborn onesie at about a week old. Isn’t that yawn so sweet? 🙂 She is also wearing Hanna Anderson pants and socks, pretty much the only socks you should ever buy, but we will get into that brand later! (1 Week Old)

Photo below: Sweater and corduroy pants are Janie and Jack. The headband is from The Twisted Knot. Moccs unknown (gifted) (6 Months Old)


Oshkosh we LOVE! These clothes (especially onesies) are longer and more narrow than Carters and Gap. Perfect for a less chunky babe. Izzy fits into anything Oshkosh which is nice and she has stayed in the 45% so she’s always true to size with them.

Photo on the left above: Izzy is wearing an Oshkosh onesie, Raeli Designs pants, Hanna Anderson socks and the headband is the House of Lilah. (9 Months Old)

Photo on the right above: Izzy is wearing an Oshkosh onesie with pink ruffle Baby Leggings and a Cheeky Chompers bib. Her headband is Spera Creations and the bow clip is unknown (gifted). (6 Months Old)

Carters they are more average on the width/length of onesies, pants and tops. I feel that the vests run small and Izzy is very average, so size up 1-2 sizes when getting a vest (if you want it to zip). We do love our vests from Carters!

Photo above left: Izzy is wearing a Carters onesie and Hanna Anderson leggings with a Spera Creations Headband. (6 Months Old)

Photo above right: Izzy is wearing a Carters bubble, Carters bib, Spera Creations Headband and the moccs are MiniMockSpetra. Izzy is sitting on an Aden + Anais swaddle. (4 Months Old)

izzy fur vest


Photo to the left: Izzy is wearing a Raeli Designs headband and pants. Her onesie is GAP and her vest is Carters. The gold and cream moccs are Freshly Picked & the teepee is Sugar Shack Teepees.


GAP from what I have found have the most wide onesies. By the time they fit Izzy’s body the arms were too short or the length was tight. Leggings fit great but the jeans have been hit and miss. I like to try all the styles on her, just like if you went into GAP one style may fit you better than another. GAP makes some of the cutest baby clothes and accessories! 

Photo on the left: Izzy is wearing a GAP dress and GAP shorts. Her headband and hair clip are both Spera Creations. (2 Months Old)

Photo on the right: Izzy is wearing a GAP dress and leggings. Her headband was a gift and the shop is unknown. (6 Months Old)

I just love mixing and matching brands! We pick clothes based on cuteness factor, fit and functionality.

Hope you all found this helpful! Happy Shopping!

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