Welcome & Introducing busy Izzy!

Welcome & Introducing busy Izzy!


Welcome to the BUSY LITTLE IZZY blog!

I should start by introducing the sweet little babe who inspired me to write this blog. In a nutshell this is her birth story. At 3:40am on 3/2/15 I woke up in the night, as I stood up to go to the bathroom I felt a warm trickle. I told my husband, “Uh babe, I either peed or my water broke.” Within an hour the contractions increased getting stronger and stronger. Unfortunately for me the contractions set off my IBS and I was stuck on the toilet while throwing up in a trash can every contraction. I finally was forced by my husband and mother to get into the car so we could get to the hospital. IMG_3196You are thinking, “wait, when did her mom get there?” I called her as soon as I knew it was my water that broke. Back to the story, I was in the car on a towel and still throwing up every contraction in a trash can. I had stayed at home for at least 4 hours prior to getting in the car so I felt pretty exhausted from all this puking, not to mention the contractions oh and diarrhea!

Long story short… I was banging my head on the hospital bead in pain and the nurses thought I was going to injure myself so they suggested an epidural and I accepted. I felt I did my best and at that point just needed a break, I honestly couldn’t even think. The epidural was HEAVEN! IMG_3208Don’t be a hero ladies! Pitocin was of course needed because the epidural slows things down, but we stayed at a good pace and almost 12 hours to the minute after my water broke Isabella our busy Izzy was born at 3:44pm. The best part is I got to reach down and grab her under the arms and pull her out.

We knew she would have quite the personality right then because she was having trouble coughing up her amniotic fluid and a team had to come in and take care of her. She was batting them away from her face at only a couple minutes old. That is when her attitude spunkiness started. This baby doesn’t want anyone’s help, she wants to do it all on her own! I love that about her.

Sorry for any typos, this mommy is exhausted by the end of the day so i’m doing my best to stay focused. 🙂

XO Eryka

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