Izzy’s Bedroom Makeover

Izzy’s Bedroom Makeover

If you didn’t know, we moved right before Izzy’s first birthday. I knew that I didn’t want to put up the same decor we had in her nursery. I wanted to have something different and something she could grow into. If I was going to have to decorate again, why not start ahead of the game so I’m not redecorating in a year. So what happened to all of her other decor? I look majority of her decor and put it in bathroom. Her room had a lot of elephants so I think that’s fitting for a bathroom, don’t you?

So here it is, her bedroom reveal!




First things first I needed a color scheme and theme. I decided on baby pink, gold, bright teal and gray. Baby pink, gold and gray were her colors in her nursery and I wanted to keep those and add a bright color to the mix.


I decided to go a little less finished with some farm & rustic pieces such as mason jars and a window for decor. I added a little detail to my mason jars to help camouflage the bright bows inside. How cute is this window? I got it for $10.00 at an antiques shop and painted it teal. And what do you think of the dream catcher I made?


Of course Izzy needs some headbands, bows, crowns and necklaces out for display.

I really don’t like to paint walls so to add an extra element to her bedroom I added gold feather decals from Feelin’ it Decals. They came out beautiful and were super easy to apply. I started putting the feathers in the top corner and had them placed as if they were falling or blowing from up there. You can find these feathers here.


Above the crib I wanted to do something different. I feel like everyone does the monogram, I admit I had her initials framed in her nursery. I found the beautiful framed dream catcher and arrows at Hobby Lobby. The arrows where a blush color so I covered that with white paint.


To add another touch of gold I got some sheets from TheBabyOdds. This shop has more than sheets, you can also find boppy pillow covers, teethers and more. Save 15% in this shop with code IZZY15.


A crib wouldn’t be complete without a DockATot. If you want to know more about this product see my post here. Izzy doesn’t just like to sleep in it, she loves to play in it. She brings books and toys into her DockATot as a snuggly play area.


Every detail in this room was planned, including this darling pillow from Luvi Shell that Izzy loves to carry around and lay on. Buy a one of these pillows hereUse code IZZY for 15% off your order.  


Lastly the floor. I’m not in love with my carpet color but this home was a spec home, we didn’t want to build with a baby to move. The carpet was already chosen, we prefer darker. My husband and I decided once Izzy gets a little older we will put down new carpet. Needless to say, we wanted to cover it. Lorena Canals has the best rugs for your home. No matter if someone pukes on them, spits up or the dog pees, you can throw their rugs into the washing machine. How amazing is that? Shop these amazing rugs here.





XO Eryka

I received the mentioned items in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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