5 Ways To Use Left Over Easter Eggs

5 Ways To Use Left Over Easter Eggs

Easter is over and you have all of those eggs left! If you are like me they are still all over your house and have been great entertainment for your little. Before you throw them out, donate or pack them away. Here are 5 ways to repurpose your Easter eggs.

  1. Shape matching is an early math skill. Grab a permanent marker and draw the same shape on both halves. Now take some scissors and cut the halves apart where they link together. Continue this on each egg until you have done as many shapes as you want.


  1. Upper and lowercase letter matching is a great early literacy skill for ages 3 and up. If you have a little one that is 2+ then you could do uppercase and uppercase or lowercase and lowercase. I highly suggest you start with uppercase letters, once your little one seems familiar with that you can add in lowercase.


  1. Math skills are important too. When your child is 2+ you can start working with them on matching the number to a dot. This allows your child to see the visual representation of the number and helps them with counting. Practice counting with them and get them familiar with letters. When you use visuals such as the dots or counting eggs that is called one to one correspondence and it’s a very important early math skill. Don’t expect letter recognition until 3+.


  1. Snack holders for the win! I have worked with many speech/feeding therapists and one of the best ways to get your little to eat something new or non preferred is to make it fun and to offer a small amount. What’s more fun then opening an egg to a yummy snack or meal. If you toddler is 2+ let them choose an egg color (the power of choice is amazing). When they open the egg try a bite with them. For a babe under 2 shake the egg, let them shake it. Open the egg and show them your excitement. Take out a piece and have a bite. You are modeling for them to try it out. You can also open each egg and make a colorful arrangement for lunch or snack time. This is wonderful fine motor practice because they are using a pincer grasp to get their food.


  1. Create a musical instrument. First you need some rice, buttons or dried beans. Second gather those eggs. Third plug in your glue gun. Okay, get to crafting! I chose buttons, put them inside, added glue to the rim of the egg and snapped it together. I then wiped the rim of the egg to smooth out the extra glue. For extra fun add a drawing to the outside. Always suppervise your little with these musical instruments and inspect them before each use. 

XO Eryka

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