So many tutus so little time!

So many tutus so little time!

We are kind of OBSESSED with tutus! Can you ever have too many with a little girl? I mean, I don’t think so.

Izzy is gearing up for her first birthday and we of course needed a tutu that would stand out from all of the rest! If you are looking for unique styles and colors you should head over to The Luxe Leon and get your little or yourself one today. If you want 20% off… then you can use the code BUSYLITTLEIZZY until 2/7.

You can even donate a tutu, which will send a tutu to a child who is in the hospital long term.


Izzy is wearing the PEONY in light pink ombre. Reach out to the owner, she would love to meet the needs of your custom request and is super sweet. We specifically asked for a light pink ombre.

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